Jane Harrington, Wordsmith

A child of the Washington DC burbs, Jane grew up with two brothers and three sisters, a mom and a dad, a beagle named Charlie and a parakeet named Pudgie. Summers were spent submerged in the local swimming pool, and winter days waned in front of TV reruns of Laugh-In and The Twilight Zone. Despite many hardships (no computers, cell phones, DVDs or microwave popcorn, to name just a few) she reached adulthood in the late 1970s. By 1990 she had three daughters, to whom she’d read aloud the entire collection of children’s books at the local public library. That’s when she started writing.

For almost twenty years, Jane's writing has been inspired by her three daughters. Their lively personalities regularly surface in her fiction. Meghan, her oldest daughter, held the spotlight in her first published short stories in HOPSCOTCH MAGAZINE. Her youngest, Lucy, was strikingly similar to the central character of her first published book, LUCY'S (COMPLETELY COOL AND TOTALLY TRUE) E-JOURNAL. And though her "middlest" daughter, Emma, may not be just like Brady, her adventures and friends sparked FOUR THINGS MY GEEKY-JOCK -OF-A-BEST-FRIEND MUST DO IN EUROPE, as well as the spin-off novel, MY BEST FRIEND, THE ATLANTIC OCEAN, AND OTHER GREAT BODIES STANDING BETWEEN ME AND MY LIFE WITH GIULIO.

Since the three girls have set off on their own real-life adventures, Jane looks to her cute husband, Jon, for amusement, and has devoted time to teaching both language arts and science. Her science classroom, filled with reptiles and a variety of arthropods, inspired her 2006 non-fiction book, EXTREME PETS! In 2010 Jane earned a Master of Arts in the Teaching of Writing and Literature from George Mason University. Though she was determined to get her graduate degree before one of her children did, she was beat in 2009 when Meghan got her law degree. (Yay for Meghan, anyway!) Jane now works as an adjunct professor at Southern Virginia University, teaching College Composition and Children's Literature, and is working on an MFA in Fiction at Carlow University.

She loves to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains, watch Washington Nationals baseball, and visit Ireland--the setting of her latest (hopefully greatest) writing endeavor.


There's no place like foam. (Lucy at Foam Henge, Natural Bridge, VA.)

Emma on her RISD Roman holiday, in front of the Bernini "turtle fountain."


Writerdog is here! (Fiona, the newest "daughter.")

Jonny, having a GRAND time.

Aaaah, it's the sweet little Kitty.

Niece Lauren testing an age-old axiom, and proving that, in fact, two heads AREN'T better than one.

Kind of an old pic...which one is Jane?

Jane & sisters, taking a break from a hike in Beara, Ireland.

Jane & her #1 EXTREME PET, Longfellow. (Photo talents donated by the clever and brave Iris, daughter-for-a-year from France.)

Winter view of the Blue Ridge, from the new writing loft. ("I promise I'll never complain about anything ever again!" Jane says.)

Thank you to Alexandria VA photographer Rita Abraham for author photo.